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Puerto Iguazu (Argentina)

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Puerto Iguazu
is situated at the north of the province of Misiones, located at the northwest side of Argentina and 18 km from the Iguazu Falls.

The city shares a border with Foz do Iguaçu (Brazil) and Ciudad del Este (Paraguay), and has approximately 40,000 inhabitants.

The touristic activity around the falls is its main economic engine, but it also profits from international trade. The city harbor of Puerto Iguazu is connected with Brazil by the international bridge Tancredo Neves.

Touristic attractions in Puerto Iguazu:

Three Borders Landmark
This is the park and viewpoint from which you can see the point where the Iguazu River joins the Parana River, dividing the border between Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. There is also a handicrafts market. + Click for more info

Native villages
Crossing the M´Boca-í River, you can walk through the open footpath in the forest and learn about their hunting techniques, medicinal plants, ritual songs, and the guarani culture.

Puerto Iguazu. Argentina
Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

Identity walk
In front of Plaza San Martin, you will find six murals of national e international artists.

Museum of Teofilo Allou´s statures
Pieces carved by Dr. Teofilo Allou to repay for Argentinean hospitality during his exile. Inside the museum you will find enjoy native and regional art.

Nuestra Señora del Iguazu Sanctuary
Chapel with an amphitheatre holding 7 thousand people, you will find a one-piece cross known as Monkey Stair (Escalera de Mono) and a Christ carved by Teofilo Allou (nephew of writer Julio Verne) who lived in Iguazu.

Rehab center for birds Güira Oga
Rehab center for recovery of extinction endangered wild birds. It is the only specialized center in Argentina to save animals that will return to the forest. Here you will see unique wild birds living in sites especially designed inside the forest.

Iguazu Argentine Side
Puerto Iguazu Argentina

La Aripuca

Over de 30 species and 500 tons of rescued trees as a tribute to the forest giants, where you will see the representation of a trap used by the native guaranies to hunt. Enjoy the handicrafts and the regional delights: yerba mate ice creams, sweets, “alfajores”, fruits and more.

Botanic Park Ibirá Retá
Guided tour covering flora in Misiones. In a path inside 1.5 vegetation hectares you will see some relevant plant species, where you will also learn about their (medicinal, alimentary, ornamental, etc.) use.

Orchid gardens
There 20,000 natural species of orchids and at least the double man-made hybrids. Each new unit can take up to 5 years until the first flower is obtained. In Iguazu they are part of the cultural landscape.

Hummingbirds´ Garden
This is another natural site in Iguazu. You will see different color hummingbirds, amazing fliers, they beat their wings from one flower to another.

Source: Iguazu Tourism Office

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