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Iguazu Falls – Argentine side

iguazu falls argentina
Visiting Iguazu Falls from the Argentine means going to the heart of the waterfalls.

The bridges lead the visitor to admire the spectacular waterfalls from different angles. Reaching the very edge of the Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s Throat) is a unique experience.

Directions on how to get there:

Iguazu Falls are located 17 kilometers from the town of Puerto Iguazu. The public bus company offers several frequencies per hour between Puerto Iguazu and Iguazu National Park. In addition, you can also take taxis (or “remise”) to reach the Falls.

In Iguazu National Park (Argentine side) you will find various circuits: Inferior, Superior, Garganta del Diablo, Isla San Martin and the Macuco and Yacaratia trails. All these circuits and trails are included in the value of the Iguazu National Park entrance ticket.

Opening visit hours for Iguazu National Park:

Summer: everyday from 7:30 am to 6:30 pm (October 1st to March 31).

Winter: everyday from 8 am to 6 pm (April 1st to September 30).

iguazu argentine side
Iguazu falls argentine side

Yvyra Reta Interpretation Centre

This facility, named in Guarani Yvyra Reta (“land of the trees”), occupies the most important building of the new National Park facilities. It is divided into two theme rooms, one above the other on nature and human activities in the region. The mayor highlights are the ants and butterflies collections.

Lower Circuit (Inferior)

This is a set of catwalks strategically designed to allow many different views of the Falls and to have an intimate encounter with charming corners of the jungle. You will have plenty of shade and an excellent view of the falls. Duration: 2 Hs Difficulty: stairways.

Upper Circuit (Superior)

This is the access to the magnificent panoramic views of the Falls and the Iguazu River delta (set of lush islands). Enjoy the beautiful views from above the falls. Duration: 1:15 Difficulty Hs: no stairs.

iguazu falls argentina
Iguazu Falls

Devil’s Throat (Garganta del Diablo)

With a moving hard-to-describe beauty and power, this sight offers an impressive array of sounds and landscapes. Through this catwalk you will reach the top of the Garganta del Diablo, appreciating the Falls´ vacuum and water powers. Not to be missed. Duration: 1:30 Hs Difficulty: no stairs.

More attractions in Iguazu National Park (Argentina):

Ecologic Jungle Train

Ecological train circuit to travel across the jungle and along the river. It allows visitors to move within the park and to access the entrances of the catwalks and attractions.

Macuco Trail

This self-guided walking path goes into the jungle and takes visitors to the territory of the Caí (Cebus apella nigritus) monkeys, from where you can enjoy a close encounter with these expressive, restless and curious characters. Another attraction of this path is the Salto Arrechea (tributary of the Iguazu River), a 23 m. high waterfall that forms a clear water natural pool, as the watershed of this part of the Iguazu River is completely covered by the protected rainforest of Iguazu National Park. The Macuco Trail has a total length of 6,000 meters.

Green Trail

This footpath connects the train’s Central Station with the Falls (at the start of the catwalks). It extends over 600 meters. It is ideal for those who prefer walking instead of using the train, as you will find several animals and plants on your way to the catwalks.

San Martin Island

Accessible by boat, this tour allows you to see the falls from their own heart, with spectacular views of the Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s Throat), the Ventana en la Roca (Window in the Rock) and the Salto San Martin Balcony. It also has a white sand beach.

Nautical excursions inside the Iguazu National Park:

Great Adventure:

It begins with an 8 km 4x4 tour to the Puerto Macuco base, where you will take a boat to go 6 km on the Lower Iguazu River Canyon with a view of the Falls, dodging two kilometers of rapids to get to the waterfall area. Further sailing into the base of the Salto Tres Mosqueteros (Three Musketeers Waterfall), sighting every Brazilian and Argentine waterfalls with the Garganta del Diablo crowning the Canyon sight. Last, you will be astonish to face the incomparable Salto San Martin, the second waterfall in size and the largest approachable by boat.

iguazu excursion boat

Nautical Adventure:

Powerful boats navigating the lower canyon along the Iguazu River and along the San Martin Island. You will get to the Salto Tres Mosqueteros´ foot, overlooking the Brazilian and Argentine waterfalls and the Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s Throat), and finish in the Salto San Martin.

Ecological Ride:

From Garganta del Diablo train station, special small boats designed to navigate a river of this kind will take you on a quiet, relaxed and very illustrative navigation of the upper Iguazu River delta. It allows visitors to discover the nature of the river banks, appreciating their flora and fauna.

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Iguazu Falls on the Argentine side

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